How About Commercial Cleaning?

How About Commercial Cleaning?

Residential spaces are all very similar to each other; commercial spaces are quite different, but I can clean both equally well. Call me to stop by for an estimate. I need to first visit our commercial customers to create a site-specific estimate. The estimate depends on square footage, number of bathrooms and tasks to be included. For example, if you want individual work spaces cleaned, that's more expensive than restricting our cleaning to the common spaces only.

I clean everything such as rental home/apartment/duplexes and I can do this when you move in/move out. Everything deep cleaning plus extra services!

Do you need me to be flexible about scheduling? I can do that. For example, coming out to clean your business before it opens or after you close shop! Let me work up an estimate for your business.
See what I can do to make your office shine!

I am Different

The Cleaning Ladies isn't national chain with offices in every city. It's just me, Lisa, your neighbor, making a living in Texarkana by the sweat of our brows. I don't mind working hard and I am proud of our service. When you call Cleaning Ladies, you'll get a guaranteed cleaning; I am not happy until you're happy.

My goal is for you to think of me, with a smile, whenever you need cleaning. Feel free to give me a call to discuss your specific concerns and special cleaning needs. I listen and act to give you the clean residence or commercial space you want.